What is the church?

When I was dating my wife, she asked me how I would be able to promise to love her forever, when I didn’t know what she would look like in 50 years. I had to think about the question to give an answer that wasn’t flip or pat. What I came up with was this, I love who she is inside, her¬†soul or spirit, and that won’t change. The church is the body of Christ, and the Holy Spirit is our spirit. Christ is our head, or soul. Changes come in the body. Some of them are exciting, like the first steps of a toddler, or the first fuzz on a young man’s lip. Others are distressing or frightening, like an arthritic wrist or beginning to forget things. Do we love the church because of its soul and spirit, or were we just in love with its body? If the body seems to change, do we fall away?

In order to have a strong body, we need to love the health of the body more than we love our comfort. We need to look out for the special needs of each part of the body. What can you do this week to strengthen another member of the body of Christ?