Now, This is What You Call “Horse Sense”!

There was a cowboy who had come to faith in Christ, and though he was faithful in many areas of service, he was always a rather quiet man when it can to being in front of others. When he was asked about his apparent shyness, he put it very well when he answered with the following:

The Heart of What is Truly Important

Orville and Wilbur Wright had tried repeatedly to fly a heavier-than-air craft. Finally one December day, off the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, they did what man had never done before. They actually flew! Elated, they wired their sister Katherine,

What is a Missionary?

At first glance, it catches the mind and seems almost impossible. However, even after digging around a bit in research, it still comes out as true and actual! What I am referring to is a quote from a speech that was given to the United Nations by a Lebanese ambassador to the United Nations in the 1950

Proclaim God’s Might to Another Generation

I know that many can relate to this scenario. They are spending time alone with the Lord by reading His Word and praying. It is not a new passage of Scripture to them, in fact, this happens to be a text they have read many, many times. The phrases and cadence of the text rolls familiarly off the tongue or glides through their mind like a welcome and well-known friend.

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Overwhelmed by God’s Faithfulness, Forgiveness and Promise of Forever

I am overwhelmed.

No, this is not a statement with regard to time. It is not agreeing with the numbers in the throng who believe there is always more work at the end of their day, or more month at the end of their budget, or more need at the end of their ability to meet needs. Many people feel that way all the time, and I certainly feel that way some of the time, but that is not what motivates this statement.

I am overwhelmed.
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You Cannot Stop a Real Resurrection!

Facts are clear regarding the case of Jesus

Prayer, Planning & Prioritizing

2012. Wow, in some ways it is hard to believe we are all still around to see this change of the calendar! But, God

A Consideration of TIme

When I look over past issues of the Refresher, I become amused at the number of occurrences that refer to how quickly the year is passing or some reference to quickly turning calendar pages! Read more…

Some Things Change: Jesus Stays the Same!

Two caterpillars were crawling across the grass when a butterfly flew over them. They looked up, and one nudged the other and said,

Why God Allows False Teachers to Live

Just a few days ago (if you are reading this in the first few days of June, 2011) many people had their worldview turned upside down. They had followed a false prophet by the name of Harold Camping who said Jesus would rapture