Which Bible Should I Use?

During a ministry that has now been involved in four different decades (Whew! Where has the time gone?!) one question has been asked of me more than any other. That question involves Bible translations and which one is the best to use. Most of the time it has taken this form: “Pastor, which Bible should I use?” Continue reading

Why Do We Exist?

It’s a fair question to ask! In a culture that assumes multiple religions are equally valid, and in a city that has more churches per person than most cities its size, perhaps it is wise to ask, “Why does this church exist?”

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Elim Baptist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ wherever God grants us influence, by the teaching of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is our statement of purpose, and it helps direct the functions and decisions of our congregation.

But how do we let such a statement of purpose inform our actions and decisions? In what ways do we let these words translate into that which is tangible and practical? How are our leaders to put this statement into practice as they lead us under the Savior?

Because we are a church that believes in the authority of the Scriptures (and we want to live what we believe!) it is mandatory that we seek to understand our purpose in ways that are thoroughly biblical. In other words, if we are to be faithful stewards of the ministry God has granted us, we must work diligently to develop a God-honoring philosophy of ministry. Continue reading

What Kind of Pastor Do We Want?

Perhaps depending on how you feel about things in your church right now, the above title either turns the corners of your mouth up in a smile or your eyebrows up because of a frown! However, neither response really fits the situation because, as far as I know, this church will not be looking for a pastor in the near future.

But the topic does stem from a real need. Over the past year many dear friends of Elim Baptist Church have moved to new locations where they have needed to find a church home. In almost every case these dear ones have called or e-mailed or written asking for help in finding a new place to worship and fellowship. And, in each case, they have asked for help in discerning the role of the pastor as it relates to them, the church, and what God’s Word teaches. Continue reading