A Man Worthy of Double Honor

Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.
(1 Timothy 5:17 ESV)

What type of leader is worth

What is a Missionary?

At first glance, it catches the mind and seems almost impossible. However, even after digging around a bit in research, it still comes out as true and actual! What I am referring to is a quote from a speech that was given to the United Nations by a Lebanese ambassador to the United Nations in the 1950

Run From Idolatry!

The word

Proclaim God’s Might to Another Generation

I know that many can relate to this scenario. They are spending time alone with the Lord by reading His Word and praying. It is not a new passage of Scripture to them, in fact, this happens to be a text they have read many, many times. The phrases and cadence of the text rolls familiarly off the tongue or glides through their mind like a welcome and well-known friend.

Then in happens. Read more…

Thessalonian Boldness

Christians are not only commanded to preach the gospel to the entire world, but are to declare it boldly. In the book of Acts, we observe how diligently the apostles boldly preached. They proclaimed it amidst severe hostility, threats and peril. In fact, they were filled by the Holy Spirit to declare the gospel boldly; He (the Spirit) empowered them to act courageously (Acts 4:8; 4:31; 9:28; and 13:52). Read more…

Overwhelmed by God’s Faithfulness, Forgiveness and Promise of Forever

I am overwhelmed.

No, this is not a statement with regard to time. It is not agreeing with the numbers in the throng who believe there is always more work at the end of their day, or more month at the end of their budget, or more need at the end of their ability to meet needs. Many people feel that way all the time, and I certainly feel that way some of the time, but that is not what motivates this statement.

I am overwhelmed.
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Thessalonica: A Paradigm Church

The church of Thessalonica caused Paul the least distress of the many other churches he commenced during his missionary endeavors. Thessalonica was a sound Christ-abiding church that conducted itself ideally, even though they were a relatively young church. Amazingly, Paul preached only three consecutive Sabbaths in their Jewish synagogue, and many were persuaded to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior (Acts 17:2). Read more…

Awana Awards Night 2012

The final night of Awana is a bitterweet one. We’re sad because the clubbers will be going separate ways during the summer, and we may not see them again until Fall (our Awana Clubs have kids from many churches and areas around the Rockford region). Yet, we’re praising the Lord for the growth we’ve seen and the Word of God that has been treasured up in young, impressionable hearts. May His Word dwell richly in them all!

Awana Grand Prix 2012

His Ways Are Past Finding Out

Many trials, struggles and situations have occurred in our lives in which we have had absolutely no clue as to why God orchestrated them into our lives. Furthermore, we are unable to foresee things of the future, but God does. Like the prophet Habakkuk, there are times when we question God