Gold & Silver: Just Put Blonde Highlights on Short Red Hair

Any girl or woman likes constant changes. She wants to stand out from the crowd and be even more beautiful. Red natural hair already attracts attention, but over time, the color becomes duller. The luminosity of some strands will help to return brightness. Think about short red hair with blonde highlights, why don’t you go so far?

Read below about how to better dye natural strands with an amazing result. Pay attention to some important details in this brief:

  • Any hairdo can be revived by such simple procedure, as highlighting. Just remember that this should be a very careful step. Apply only to proven stylists and hairdresser who know many secrets of coloring. Your target is a beautiful, well-groomed and bright hairstyle.
  • In general, light strands looks great on any color: brunette, blonde, brown-haired and so on. Almost all the girls have tried to whiten some locks at least once, because it refreshes the image and makes it even more fashionable. Silver strips on red look really good. They can be made wide and sparse, or thin and frequent. That’s why it is very important to order this procedure in a beauty salon, because an experienced stylist helps to avoid a yellow shade, which can appear due to the “rusty” pigment.
  • When you cannot combine the red hair color with white? If a cheerful and sunny hair is not your natural one, then it’s better to avoid such experiments. It is hardly possible to correctly determine the final result. Do this only if you are ready to cut them as Sinéad O’Connor in case of a poor outcome.  Otherwise you should think about the health of the strands, because such a strong influence can completely ruin the original structure of the hair.
  • Caring for short cut is easier. But still if blonde highlighting is already done, pay attention to your new hairstyle twice more. Be sure to have a good shampoo and once a week use a nourishing mask. Whitening, no matter how high-quality it is, dries the base strands very much, so additional nutrition and moisturizing are vitally important.
  • While styling, try to use the curling iron as little as possible. If this cannot be avoided, then always have a product for styling with thermal protection options at hand. For making wavy effect it is much safer to use classic curlers or use ordinary hair dryer and a special round comb.

So if you are a lucky owner of red locks, take a serious approach. Because any dyeing, even the most insignificant, is a change of the pigment in the structure of the hair.