Halloween costume ideas for every Curlfit hair color

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume to match your Curlfit hair colour? We’ve got you covered! Check out our top picks for every shade, from blonde to black.

Halloween hairstyles and images for the vampire

One of the most commonly used female images for Halloween is the vampire: bright, bold, sexy, with character, independent. In clothing, the preference is given to a combination of red and black shades. And this is understandable: scarlet is the color of blood, which is finished for more convincing and intimidating. And, of course, vampire teeth. Although not all girls agree to use them in the image, because then it will turn out more frightening than sexy.

The classic vampire of the ancient kind is noble, wears long dresses with corsets and high gathered in a bun, ponytail or styled hair:

  1. First option: straighten hair with a curling iron, gather it in a tight high ponytail.
  2. The second option: twist medium curls on curlers, tongs or hair dryer. Separate the hair into two parts: separate the bottom strands with fingers to keep the curls from frizzing and remain elastic. The upper part of the hair is gathered into a ponytail with brackets so that the hair is voluminous just behind the hairline. If you want you can make bangs or release strands of hair at the temples.
  3. The third variant: put all twisted hair in a ponytail, fix each lock separately around its base. This way it is possible to create a romantic and careless styling, softening the image and making it romantic. Fix everything with varnish. If you wish, you can add artificial red strands.

If you choose a more modern vampire look, it is very well suited to it slightly disheveled loose hair. Achieve such an effect by using curling irons, hair is very voluminous. Use a styling foam or heat protectant before using a curling iron and a spray with an extra strong fixation so that your hair lasts all Halloween night.

It’s worth noting that sloppy styles are easiest to create on medium length hair. Don’t forget about the appropriate makeup: very pale, long time haven’t seen the sun, black arrows and scarlet lips.

Halloween costume ideas for every Curlfit hair color

Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween is one of the most fun and creative holidays, when everyone can show their individuality by independently thinking up an interesting image and recreating it with their own hands. When preparing for the holiday in the first place they choose a costume, and already under it think of a bright makeup and memorable hairstyle. If you are looking for ideas for an original Halloween hairstyle, this article is for you – we offer you a selection of hairstyles that can easily be recreated at home.

Fatal comb-over

In search of a suitable hairstyle for Halloween with their own hands, many girls decide to do a comb-over. Indeed, it is quite an easy option, which can later be made in different ways, for example, by making a parting on one side or making a parting zigzag. What is the most important thing when creating a fleece? Volume, of course! To make a spectacular head comb, the hair should be divided into two parts, and, choosing one strand at a time, starting from the parting, comb at the roots with a special comb. In everyday life, before finishing a hairstyle with a comb we smooth the top strands, but on this holiday it is not necessary. If you do not want to leave the hair loose, the combed strands can be gathered in a braid, ponytail or bun. In the end, spray the hair with hairspray.

Coloured locks

Another simple but very original way to create a Halloween hairstyle is with colored strands. You can use a spray can with temporary paint or special crayons. The most suitable colors are red, blue and purple, although, of course, it all depends on the chosen image. Red color will suit a crazy clowness, blue – a cursed witch. For the most daring, white chalk will do, but in this case, the makeup must be very bright. For hyper-feminine images, pink and blue colors will do.

Partial crimp

A hairstyle, made with the help of curling irons, will perfectly suit a witch, a vampire and other feminine images. If you are looking to stand out, then try to make a partial ruffle. When creating such hairstyles it is important to ensure that the twisted strands were clearly symmetrical or, on the contrary, asymmetrical – the main thing is to have clearly delineated transition lines. If this hairstyle appeals to you and you’ve moved on to the recreation stage, don’t forget to apply a heat protectant to your hair before using the iron.

Hairstyles and image for the witch

Another favorite image of the fair sex – the witch, and she can be a witch from the pagan legends, wood dryad, scary old lady in a cap over a brewing potion. In short, anyone, just like the women themselves.

To create such a “chaotic” hairstyle do the following: Wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Comb your hair and divide it into two equal parts. Comb your tresses with your fingers so that no knots are left in them. Twist both parts into two tight plaits, each secured in a snail’s tangle. Allow it to set for an hour and a half, then loosen the locks. Break up the curls with your fingers, comb with sparse cogs whip your hair this way. Fix the styling with a varnish strong fixation.

Another suitable option for Halloween hairstyles for a witch is a tall hairstyle with a fleece. Especially popular is the “spider cocoon”. Prepare: Special overlay, hairpiece or sponge of a suitable color; hairpins and bobby pins; hair styling and fixation products.

The main volume of the hairstyle is created on the back of the head. Now do the following: Determine how high your style will be; at the chosen place, divide the hair into a horizontal parting; separate the upper strands and temporarily fix them with clips; fix the overlay with bobby pins and hairpins at the chosen level; previously fixed upper strands lay on the overlay, pre-compressed for volume; fix it with hairpins and sprinkle liberally with varnish.

You can leave the bottom locks as they are, or raise them to the main body of hair, braid and wrap them around the overlay, securing the end with a bobby pin under its base. Use chignon and separate hair extensions when there is not enough length of curls or when the volume seems to be insufficient.

Halloween costume ideas for every Curlfit hair color

What kind of hairstyle for Catwoman?

Catwoman is confident, strong and femme fatale, her hairstyle is concise and comfortable, because she moves a lot and actively.

Gather her hair in a tight “horse” tail, first separating a wide strand at the nape of her neck. Twist it into a tangle and wrap it around the base, fix it with elastic bands, pins and bobby pins. With the rest of your hair wrap the resulting bundle.

It is also possible to keep some locks at the temples, which can be twisted into braids or plaited, and then attached to the base of the beam with bobby pins. Complement the headband with ears.

Make two high ponytails, dividing the hair in a straight parting. Make a curl, not too tight, wrap it around its axis. Strengthen the hair with varnish.

Doll look

A doll look is the direct opposite of the Halloween looks listed earlier. The best choice of hairstyles to create a bow a la doll look:

  • Strongly twisted, tight curls.
  • A disheveled ponytail or two, both low and high.
  • Neat styling.

To make mussed ponytails for the scary doll look, do the following: Wash your hair, but do not comb it. Use your fingers to divide the curls into two ponytails, making sure the parting is not neat. Arrange the ponytails at different levels, whip your fingers into strands to create more of a mussed and tangled effect.

For a baby-doll style look, curl your hair with a curling iron, curling irons, hair dryer and brush, or use curlers to make medium or fine curls. Remember that the curlers need to curl slightly damp strands. Comb locks comb with fingers or comb: in the first case you get structured strands, in the second – a lush, voluminous styling. Don’t forget to fix it with hairspray.

Making an angel

Every girl has an angel, black or white – only she knows. And when else but on Halloween night to incarnate in an angelic image. If you’re closer to the black, fallen angel, choose an outfit in appropriate tones. It can be a dress with open shoulders, a corset and short skirt and the obligatory wings behind the back. Makeup for the fallen heavenly messenger choose quite bright, because it makes no sense for a black angel to pretend to be a saint.

To create the image of a white angel, use gentle shades in your makeup. In doing so, use unexpected accents to enhance the image of the creature who came down from heaven: blue lips, white arrows on the eyes or whitened eyebrows. As an accessory, in addition to angelic wings, use a headband in the form of a halo.

Long hair curls: Apply a heat protectant to washed hair. Divide the hair into four equal parts. Curl the bottom curls on a middle brush, using a hair dryer, comb the resulting curls with your fingers. Curl the upper part of the hair in small curls in the direction of the nape of the neck. The resulting strands sprinkle with normal or varnish with glitter.

If you do not have enough time for styling with a hair dryer and curling, you can curl your hair with a hair dryer or thermal rollers. Curls will be tight, the only thing left is to unroll your hair, distribute the strands as desired and fix a special product.

Halloween hairstyles should fully comply with the festive atmosphere.

At the same time, you can get scary and horrifying images at home without using the services of hairstylists.

After all, Halloween is the period of hairstyles in the style of zombies, vampires, witches and other “unclean” forces.

Fluffy zombie style Halloween hairstyles

Some stylists consider fine curls the most appropriate option for Halloween hairstyles. After all, thanks to the chic volume of the hairstyle (see photo), you can, picking up the appropriate makeup and outfit, create with your own hands, in addition to the image of a zombie, the image of a vampire or a witch.

To form a curly hairstyle for Halloween, it is enough to have bobby pins, hairspray and a curling iron on hand:

  • We divide the hair into strands no thicker than 2 cm. Each strand is placed in the hairpin, we wind the zigzag hair on it, fix the resulting figure eight with varnish and warm it with the iron, for 3 seconds;
  • Process all strands of hair according to the above scheme;
  • In the final stage the hairpins are taken out, and the curls are combed with fingers.

The next variant of styling for Halloween turns out to be just as spectacular, as it is based on the usual fleece, as in the photo above.

In this case, the length of the strands does not matter, the main thing is to perform the comb correctly, which will allow you to keep your Halloween hairstyle all night long:

  • We separate a strand 1 cm wide in front of the head, temporarily move it to the forehead;
  • All other hair is thoroughly combed out, working the comb toward the roots of the hair;
  • Each combed strand should be fixed only with a varnish of medium fixing, as a strong fixing agent would make the hair look heavy and would kill the volume;
  • Introduce the front separated strand, using it to refine the fleece, – cover with straight hair, made for Halloween hairstyle.

Harley Quinn.

At the top of the ranking of the scariest characters is the equally mischievous and dangerous Harley Quinn. Those who are good with putting makeup on their faces can try on the image of the Joker’s girlfriend. The good thing is that her carnival hairstyle is not complicated at all: make two ponytails on the sides with a parting – and it’s done. The clothing is even more primitive: at the moment her costume consists of shorts, a corset and short stockings, in a colorful, blood-splattered or red-blue solution.

This comic book character featuring the superhero Batman was then only recognizable among fans, but thanks to the popularity of the movie Suicide Squad, the image of the crazy but very charming heroine became known to the general public.

So, what you need to prepare to reincarnate the character of Harley Quinn:

  • blonde long curls divided into two ponytails;
  • a make-up face;
  • brightly colored clothes;

invite a friend who is ready to keep you company at the party and be the Joker.