Why Girls With Dirty Blonde Hair and Blonde Highlights Look Posh

Without a doubt, blond is a major favorite in coloring. Although celebrities often experiment with darker shades, this option is number one for a shiny look. If you plan to visit the salon and update your hairstyle, it’s time to find out what is in fashion this season. Have you heard of blonde highlights in dirty blonde hair? Not yet? It’s time!

Not just a blond, but a dirty one. And this is great news, because such shade is not only really cool, but even suitable for brunettes who have not yet decided on which side they are – dark or light.

Discover some tips for above mentioned hairdo:

  • The best technique for it is ombre uplights, namely a very popular solution of dyeing hair, which Jessica Alba has not changed for a couple of years. Blonde highlights add depth to the color and texture of the hair.
  • In order to achieve the ideal dirty tone, you will have to not only lighten the strands, but also make them 1-2 tones darker. This option looks more natural. Keep in mind that the light base of your locks looks good if you have mastered an art of everyday care. Remember: all manipulations with blond literally wash out the pigment out of your strands, destroying the hair. Always use conditioner and thermal protection, so that the blond with a twist remains fresh and glossy.
  • For girls with pale face too warm tones will not go. It is better to give preference to neutral classical blonde or platinum overflows along the entire length.
  • According to stylists, this could be unique option almost for every girl, because the number of highlights, their tone and hue depth are selected individually. The most important aspect is taking into consideration unique, natural tones of skin and hair of each person. Another advantage of “going dirty” is that it really makes you a bit careless and mysterious. Even redhead girls can lighten a few strands, giving them a beautiful copper color.
  • And, of course, the main positive side of the trend is that you can afford yourself not visiting the salon every month. Just follow carefully you roots, and then decide for yourself whether you want to update the color or not. The growing roots will go smoothly into this type of hairstyle, and still look chic.

If you do hesitate, maybe an express-toning is cut out for you? This is a salon procedure that allows you maintaining your well-groomed look. The hair is moisturized with a special liquid, which should be held for literally 1-5 minutes. This method aimed at removing yellowness, giving the locks right shade. And most importantly such manipulation is completely safe. Then make an assessment of the result and finally decide if blond highlights are suitable or not.