Discover Options For Ladies With Brown Curly Hair Who Enjoy Caramel Highlights

Nowadays caramel highlights are top world trend to create an exclusive hair masterpiece on your head. Especially if we talk about curly hair. No matter what is your stature, face type or locks’ length, this warm hue may emphasize your look!

Why to choose?

Highlighting is a special technique which envisages coloring not all curls, but only some strands or even tips. It doesn’t imply dramatic changes in appearance. However, if you want to refresh your image, add new colors to it, then the highlighting is what you need. The effect is based on non-contrast shades of natural tones. The colors resemble golden sand, wood bark, apple pie. The result of the procedure is an original hue, as close as possible to the natural shade of hair burned in the sun. An extra volume – visually – will be another pleasant bonus.

Read several opinions of beauty bloggers on why brown curly hair with caramel highlights is the most fashionable option of the season:

  • Whether it’s only a gentle hint of caramel on your brown locks or an intensive color, it’s always worth to make it a part of your image!
  • If it’s only a warm touch, or vice versa – a real extra contrast, you can always decorate your new haircut with nice accessories which will look great on your curly strands.
  • Natural brown sometimes looks boring, so with honey-like strips a girl gets a shiny and glamorous twist. The advantage of such coloring is that the roots can be left with a natural color. Women with very curly locks can show imagination and make the tips more vivid, for example, with highlighting. A salon specialist can perform a thin gradient without creating an accent on brightness.

Pros of such trendy highlighting:

  • most of the hair mass remains natural, which has a positive effect on the quality of the curls;
  • by this method you can disguise gray hair;
  • the face rejuvenates and becomes fresher;
  • such coloring decently looks even after a few months;
  • it is possible to come back quickly and simply to the original color.

So in order to select the most appropriate type of transforming your bleak hair into beaming ones, consult with a hairdresser who will give reasonable advice on choosing the dyeing technique based on the health of the strands. He or she will say for sure whether or not this type of transforming your image is right for you. Hope you have found our article useful and comprehensive. If you want to learn more information on the issue, read women blogs & magazines.