Why Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair Make A Girl Enigmatic

Would you like to know what is the hottest trend of the season? This is definitely ash blonde highlights on dark brown hair. You may get this posh look either having natural base or coloring both your hair and then some strands. Are you ready to a revolution? Don’t be afraid of acting like a movie star. In XXI century it doesn’t matter whether you are a celebrity or just an ordinary girl. In fact, you may have the same look!

There is a strong belief that hair with a gray bliss is a sign of aging. But in the modern world, the technique of coloring with ash blond is a very popular one. A proper highlighting envisages only some locks in this hue, combined with the basic tone of the hairline.

Here some details about this definitely unique hairstyle:

  • This way of making strands metallic is very fashionable; it looks great and gives a person sophistication. If your stylist mixed the dyes correctly, ash tone can emphasize facial features, making accent on eyes. Highlights can be performed on thin or wide strands. In both cases, the result is just thrilling.
  • Before deciding on such a radical step as using gray tones, learn about all the nuances of the new styling, since for different hair tones it is important to choose the right shade.  
  • Who will benefit from such image? This tone of coloring is great for teenagers and young women, adding to the appearance some naturalness and expressiveness. It also looks good on middle-aged women, filling them with charm and sometimes hiding early gray hair. If you consider a base color palette, then the best choice is dark brown.
  • If the hairline has already been pre-colored, the result may differ significantly from the expected one due to difficult chemical reactions of dye components. To prevent such a “surprise”, your base locks must be previously discolored with the help of special products.
  • Owners of fine hair will definitely benefit from such highlights because it gives a visual volume.
  • Ash blond tones do not suit everyone. For example, women 50+ should not undergo such a procedure, since it will make them even older. Girls with short hairdos also have to think twice about such an option. It is almost impossible to make smooth transitions and shaded combinations on short hair.

Hope you make sure that ash blonde means tenderness, adding to a beauty with dark brown hair a bit mystery. Tones smoothly mix between themselves, creating a color game on the hairstyle. This is really a great solution for medium and long strands.

If you are ready for a real challenge, consider snow ash. This tone has also a white component. The technique is similar to that of with an ash blonde. Snow hue makes the image aristocratic and elegant, and a bit gothic.

Hope this information will help you make a right choice. Also consider your garments and accessories in terms of new hairstyle, since people will pay attention on your total look. Don’t forget about special shampoo and conditioner for everyday care. We also don’t think that you can dye your hair properly at home. Go only to proven salons to avoid an undesirable result.